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The Health and Safety Reform Bill will soon bring changes to every business in New Zealand. In most cases, big businesses will have the resource to deal with these changes. But where do you start if you’re a small business? Enter Safety Bench.

Safety Bench was specifically created, so small Kiwi businesses could comply with new health and safety legislation and do so in an an easy and affordable manner.

  • Fast, easy, affordable workplace safety solution
  • Compliance with new Health and Safety regulations.
  • Reduces cause for prosecution under the Health and Safety Act
  • Less injuries and accidents reduces downtime.

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  • “We had searched the internet and got bounced around between government web sites and ACC web sites and couldn’t find any real support. We got quoted $5,000 for a site visit from one crowd with no real understanding of what we’d get. We’ve got the Safety Bench Package in place now which made easy to update all our employee training,”

    Trucking Company (South Island)
  • “They provided us with the support and tools to manage our on-site safety. We knew we had to do something but didn’t know what until we were introduced to their system and now we know we’re on the right track.”

    Timber processing company (Auckland)

Why people choose us
We provide a professional service.

Fast, easy, affordable workplace safety solution.

Save on high priced workplace safety consultants

Reduces cause for prosecution under the Health and Safety Act